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Sustainability starts with design.

Away, design philosophy unify three core aspect cause how we design the garments has power to change all story that we create for future.

Personality,  Functionality,  Quality


Quality Product,

Quality means, being respectfully to Mother Earth.

Material is the very big part of the sourcing for a garment. It is very important to choose it well, use it wise. Here are some of the material that consist at our collection.

Premium Quality Denim, Organic Denim, Post Consumer Recycled Denim Blend, Natural Dye Indigo Denim.


Slow Fashion

Slow down the system. 

So simple so urgent, fast fashion transform our clothes to cheap materials at last ten years ,now we want to do the reverse. Being boundless from trends focusing on producing timeless products give a chance to make it slow and more thoughtful also give space to other creators around the world to achieve and present their productions.

Target Zero Waste 

We share our waste textile from our production with women cooperatives and other brands which turn them to other new products.


We locally source our  fabric, trims and accessories, threads and our users in our continent to keep the carbon emmision low.


We only make rins wash which is a functional process to make the products shrinkage, to eliminate chemical, water and energy usage,  which harms human and nature and has negtaive effects on our our climate.


Share the knowledge.

Learning about denim. How it is made?  How can be more sustainable ? Sharing knowledge about upcycling,  stitching, wood print and embroidery techniques. One of the best way to gather with our community, pass the information about our garments and our brand story.


Happy people, happy community

We started Awaywomen movement to support women at the outdoors, to establish gender equality for all areas and outdoor sports too.


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